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Evening networking session: Wednesday, 17 September 2014
An evening of business networking at the Humber Royal Hotel in Grimsby. A seafood supper with local produce will commence at 7pm.

Main conference: Thursday, 18 September 2014
The main theme of ‘Feeding the Nation: Supply and Efficiency’ brings together discussions on retail and foodservice trends, aquaculture developments, UK seafood trade and the opportunities and challenges for seafood in a constrained world. A full programme will be available on the Seafish website.

• Supply and Efficiency

• Retail and Foodservice

• Aquaculture Developments

• UK Seafood Trade

• Business Networking

• Seafood Supper


Anglo Icelandic Relationships


Following on from last year’s visit to Iceland we're delighted that UKTI arranged a visit for HM Ambassador Stuart Gill and his team in early April. This included a visit to the market followed by one-to-one business meetings and a visit to a leading processor.

The visit further establish the importance of the Humber and seafood cluster in general as a destination for Icelandic seafood.

It is yet to be confirmed but we are expecting a high profile Icelandic visitor at this years Humber Seafood Summit. 

Iceland are fisheries experts and we should never underestimate our relationship with them, there is always room for collaboration for mutual benefit.

The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in September will be a further opportunity to re-establish the credentials of the Humber and Grimsby in particular.







FMA, the Future


The GFMA Board commissioned a review on how the GFMA should conduct itself towards its membership and the industry and how it should face up to the challenges on issues linked to supply, sustainability, marketing, skills, technology & innovation and consumer perception of seafood.

The review was necessary to refocus on how the GFMA maintains its position as the voice of the industry in the Grimsby & Humber region to market and promote seafood, work with other stakeholders in securing supplies and enhanced trading relationships. Also, not forgetting the heritage e.g., the unique PGI status for traditionally smoked cod and haddock.

The review was well received by existing members, industry bodies and other external partners. The business plan sets out various initiatives including a re-branding of the GFMA. The new identity, Seafood Grimsby and Humber, (SGH) will be more representative of the wider seafood sector within the Humber region, including North Yorkshire coast.

The GFMA/SGH under its new identity will lead the way in maintaining our region’s competitiveness, identifying funding streams for supporting growth, broadening membership and will replace the Humber Seafood Group.

To ensure the new organisation is strategic an executive board comprising of industry and public sector partners will oversee the implementation of the business plan. The first meeting of the new board is on 15 July. This meeting will focus on the importance of change and set priorities.   

The business plan takes into account the important achievements of the GFMA and sets out a vision to take the organisation forwards. GFMA /SGH will have a clear and transparent purpose to help sustain its members’ and the industry cluster in Grimsby and the wider Humber Region. The aim is to put the organisation on a strong foundation so that it can continue to support and engage with industry for the next 100 years!

This business plan articulates the collective view of the industry on the strategy to be adopted by the GFMA/SGH for the continued development and growth of the seafood processing cluster.

The key challenges include:

Financial stability – strengthen and stabilise the organisation’s financial position

 People – develop and grow an experienced team that can meet industry’s increasing demand

 Focus – provide a package of support that meets members and partners expectations and offers value for money

 Communications – improve awareness of the industry and engagement with its stakeholders across the cluster

 Projects – annual programme of initiatives to address industry challenges and opportunities with the support of partners and funders.

 Corporate Identity - the GFMA will adopt a new corporate identity to be known as “Seafood Grimsby and Humber” which will be recognisable locally, nationally and internationally.


Seafood Grimsby and Humber (SGH) - Vision for the future

“To champion the Grimsby and the wider Humber seafood processing cluster across the supply chain from mobile fishmongers to corporate giants”.

Mission statement

“To develop and enhance the competitive performance, quality practices and global reputation of a sustainable Grimsby and wider Humber region seafood processing industry”.

 Business Values:

  • Coordination of industry activity across the cluster reducing duplication and ensuring effective engagement to protect the industry/sector and address key challenges.

  • Accountability and commitment to support the industry to meet its full capability and financial sustainability for both industry and members’ alike.

  • Collaboration with partners where the benefits to members are clearly defined.

  • Integrity in providing responsive services to meet industry needs.

  • Communications as the mouthpiece for the industry, providing clarity, frankness and advocacy.


    Partnership and Collaborations


    The SGH will collaborate with:

     Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish Group (GTSF)

     Grimsby Fishing Vessel Owners Association (GFVOA) 

     Grimsby Institute Group (GIG)

     Holderness Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

     Humber Local Enterprise Partnerships (HLEP)

     Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnerships (GLLEP)

     Associated British Ports – owners of the Ports of Grimsby and Immingham (ABP)

     Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises Ltd

     Grimsby Seafood Village

     Grimsby Trade Corridor Group / British Icelandic Chamber of Commerce














    Fish Mongers Craftsmanship Competition

     British Craftsmanship Competition

    We're delighted  that Cleethorpes is hosting the annual National Federation of Fish Mongers Craftsmanship Competition over the August bank holiday weekend. The British Fish Craft Championships an annual event that has been ongoing since 1952. It attracts competitors from all over the UK to test a variety of skills in 14 separate competitions, the eventual winner becomes the British Fish Craft Champion for 2014.


    The British Fish Craft Championships® is a unique event in that it attracts a full cross section of the industry – wholesale, processors, farmers, retailers, multiples and of course the general public.  This year the competition celebrates its 62nd year and will be staged for the first time in history in Cleethorpes close to the home of the fishing industry and port of Grimsby. A two year deal has been secured with N E Lincolnshire Council so that we are able to hold the event in Grimsby in 2015 as part of the World Seafood Congress.

    As well as the British Fish Craft Championships®, the National Federation will be putting on a fish display, preparation demonstrations, cookery demonstrations and tastings etc.       

    They would like to know if any local companies / merchants  would be interested in staging a filleting competition?  

    An alternative would be the Worlds largest fish finger, the current record holder is Michael Gorich in Bremerhaven, Germany, on 22 January 2009. It weighed in at 136 kg or (299lb 13ozs)


    If you  interested please contact:


    Helen Leftwich

    National Federation of Fishmongers Ltd


    British Icelandic Chamber of Commerce

     The BICC is planning anumber of events in 2014 including the golf day at Forrest Pines on 24 June.

    Other events will depend on sponsorship and include a regional seminar focusing on Nordic trade.

    Additionally there will be events at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition in September.






    A G E N D A



    09:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.  -        Registration:         Tea, Coffee & Bacon Rolls


    10:44 p.m. – 11:34 p.m.  -        Forest Pines:         18 Holes


    17:00 p.m. – 19:15 p.m.  -        Forest Bar:            Costa Rica-England in

                                                                                World Cup + Pre-Dinner Drinks

                                                                                (20% off all drinks at the Forest Bar until first goal!)


    From 19:15 p.m.             -        Forest Suite:         Three Course Meal

                                                                                ´Fish from Iceland´


    21:00 p.m.                     -                                    Prize Giving




    Dress Code:   Casual (no jeans)


    Womens Institute

    Recently the FMA CEO accepted an invitation to give a presentation to 70 delegates from various Lincolnshire WI’s. They wanted to know about seafood sustainability and the industry in general. The WI should not be overlooked, they are a powerful lobby and more importantly consumers. The presentation was well received with good questions. They now understand fish availability, what the industry is doing to prevent overfishing  and the value of the industry to the economy.

    If all of those 70 delegates go back to their family and friends with a simple message that fish is not under threat , you can buy with confidence, it was well worth attending. 


    Industry Grants


    Grants are available but the amounts and the criteria are forever changing.


    Despite the economic doom and gloom there is still grant money available from the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) and other sources.

    For Professional advice please contact:


    Simon Dwyer or Liz Baghurst of Seafox Management Consultants Ltd.

    Simon Dwyer 07866 508 194 / Liz Baghurst 07817 471 525



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